Premchand Shantidevi Research
Foundation (PSRF, India)(Regd.)

Reg.No 142/2016-2017

Forging Ahead/ Future Mission

It's time for greatness -- not for greed. It's a time for idealism -- not ideology.
It is a time not just for compassionate words, but compassionate action.

Dr. Hemraj Jain First Hospital at Barnala
Dr. Hemraj Jain
First Hostpital
est. 1902

Dr Hemant Jainís mission today is to fulfil a long cherished dream. This is to honour the contribution of his great grand father Hemraj and his son Premchand of Barnala, by setting up the Ė


The main objective of this mission apart from other social activities is to sponsor serious research especially in medicine and provide a plateform to researchers. In order to achieve this, free access journals have been brought out by the foundation to help the researchers to publish their research. The foundation's other objectives are to help the poor in a more direct way and not through any other agencies. Most of the activities will involve donations and contributions. The real idea is to help without any motive of fame or recognition.

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